Wednesday, February 29, 2012


There is an adorable new shop in town called Serendipity located on Hwy. 280 in the Brook Highland Shopping Center. Colleen Burback is the owner and I met her two years ago when I was a vendor at the first Hollydazzle Christmas Market. Colleen did an incredible job organizing this market in a very short time and now does Hollydazzle every Christmas as well as a Springdazzle!

I am excited to be a new vendor at Serendipity, moving in on March 15th! There are quite a few local vendors with space here so it is a great way to shop and support local artists and crafters. Here are some pics:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Create Your Own Mercury Glass!

My friend Darlene's daughter Heather is getting married this summer and Darlene's sister-in-law is a decorator and coming up with some great, creative ideas for the reception. Heather's colors are charcoal gray and a little pink and so Cindy is wanting to use mercury glass hurricane votive and candleholders on tables and said that you can do it yourself! I had no idea so I went on Pinterest and searched for mercury glass tutorials and there are lots. We were thinking you might have to use some sort of acid to eat away the silver to get the look but most tutorials use a product called Looking Glass Spray Paint by Krylon. Can't wait to try this DIY project!

Bedside Tables

Here is a chest I just painted and distressed for a customer. It is going in her bedroom to match another chest and they will be used as bedside tables. Petite chests are such a good idea to use as bedside tables instead of nightstands because they give you lots of storage!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Custom Furniture Painting Services!

Paint can make such a big difference in updating your home! If you have any pieces just sitting in your garage or would like to update something in your home, I can paint and distress your pieces for a great price! Sorry, still not taking very large pieces because of space but I can meet you to pick up your pieces and have them back to you within a week!

If you are considering having pieces painted, consider going on Pinterest or looking in magazines to find the look you really like. That helps too for me to match to that look. I'm going to try to come up with an estimated price list in the next few days. So if you would like a price on your pieces, just email me pics at and I can give you a price!

Here are some pics of customer pieces I have painted in the past:

New Pieces in "For Home" in Edgewood

Here are a few pieces I just put in to For Home in Homewood!

Here are a couple of pieces going into my booth at Greystone Antiques today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New in Booth at Greystone

I put a cute vintage chippy paint cupboard/cabinet piece in my booth today. It is painted an apple green with old layers of cream and red underneath. It's actually two pieces so easy to transport!

The Blue Building in Alabaster

Here are a few pics from my wall space at The Blu Building!

A new vendor just got the wall space next to me selling jewelry!

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